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Online Clinical Health Psychology Service

Specific areas I work in:

  • Women’s health and well-being especially, but not exclusively, through midlife and the menopause transition.

  • Supporting people to make lifestyle changes to manage, or better still prevent, life-style related health conditions, e.g., diabetes, hypertension.

  • Helping people to get unstuck from the past after they have experienced a traumatic event.

Consultation: Welcome

I offer several support options including symptom management strategies, or root cause analysis and behaviour change. For the best outcome, it is important to identify which option is the best fit to your current needs and resources. I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation call to help you make this decision and I have outlined some options and costs below:

  1. Symptom management strategies

This option comprises of three face-to-face sessions of 60-minutes duration where we focus on a single troublesome symptom or issue, like anxiety, unease, stress, brain fog, hot flushes, anger, sleep disturbance, or food cravings, etc. I will help you make sense of your experience and guide you in ways to manage this symptom or issue more effectively.

This three-session plan costs £285.00*

2. Root cause analysis and behaviour change

This option is for you if you have several problems and symptoms that are getting in the way of health and well-being; or, if you have lifestyle changes that you want to put into place but have struggled to do so; or, if you know you want to work on the impact of trauma or a specific mental health condition.

If you are ready to make changes to your lifestyle to support health and wellbeing; or if you want to work on management of a persistent physical condition; or if you think you might be peri/menopausal, I recommend a detailed biopsychosocial assessment and case formulation. You will be asked to complete a health and well-being questionnaire before we meet for a 60-minute session. At the end of that session, I will discuss my recommendations with you and give you one essential thing that you can get working on right away. I will also summarise my recommendations in an email and provide additional, helpful informational resources where indicated.

Biopsychosocial assessment and case formulation with recommendations costs £215.00*

If you want to work on a specific trauma or mental health issue, we can also take a more traditional therapy approach and this would comprise 1-2 assessment sessions (60 minutes each) and treatment recommendations. I will still ask you to complete symptom related questionnaires and I will also make recommendations where appropriate for lifestyle change.

Therapy assessment sessions are charged at £120.00*

My treatment recommendations comprise a bespoke intervention plan unique to you, so I am unable to give exact prices prior to an assessment of your needs. Follow-on session costs are £100-120.00 per 60-minute session depending on the mode of intervention (consultation, coaching, or therapy). A discount applies to block booked sessions.

You are under no obligation to take up the treatment plan; however, if you would like to work with me you need to do so within 4 weeks of the assessment so that the information is still current enough for us to make use of.

*These costs are for self-funding clients; if paying through a third party, costs will be higher due to additional admin. etc.

Consultation: About

What’s next?

Book a FREE 15-minute consultation call with me to discuss your needs.

Consultation: About

Book a FREE Consultation

Use this form to arrange a FREE 15-minute telephone call to discuss your needs (please check your junk mail folder for my reply). You must be over 18 years old to use this service.

Please note that I do not offer a crisis service; click here for advice on emergency support options.

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